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Mod Preview - "Dawn of Victory"
Written by Leinad   
Donnerstag, 15 Mai 2008

I'm happy to welcome you to our very first mod preview. This is the start of a series of articles in which we present the most promising mods and follow their development.

We start with "Dawn of Victory", a mod which is the most ambitious to date.

The Story

The Story of "Dawn of Victory" is based on the books by Harry Turtledove, which describe an alternate outcoming of the second world war. In this alternate universe aliens invade earth and force all the warring nations to work together to strike back.

"Dawn of Victory" used this setup and extended it. Humanity is on the brink of being enslaved by the alien invaders which can only be defeated by the development and use of nuclear weapons.
But that's just the background story for this mod and explains how the factions of "DoV" became what they are in the 23th century. The factions consist of the "Soviet Union", the "Greater German Reich" and the "Democratic Federation", which consists of the former allied nations (USA, France, Great Britain and so on).
Additionally there are the Scinfaxi, the alien race which tried to invade earth and enslave

A ll factions spread throughout the galaxy and colonized numerous worlds. Among these worlds are other smaller and mostly neutral human dominions that developed independently of the three big factions.

If you want to learn more about the Story of "DoV" then you should definitely see this (nicely done) video:

Down of Victory Teaser #1

The Features

Like many of you may have realized, "DoV" doesn't just change a few small things here and there. One could say they're developing a new game from scratch based on the possibilities that the Sin's engine offers and thus are working to provide a totaly new and different game experience.

The mod offers new ships-designs and every faction gets their own unique style - based on the look of ships and aircraft in the 20th century.
This also means that ships in "DoV" will behave more like naval ships of world war 2 and that strikecraft will play a bigger role than in the vanilla version of Sins.
Furthermore there are also new features like "mines" and if you want to get an impression how that is gonna work out then just watch the following short video demonstrating an early version of "space-mines" (as explained in the video, most graphics are still placeholders):

Mines in "Dawn of Victory"

But I'm just scratching on the surface of what's planned. One of the aims of the "DoV" team is to make fights and battles feel like naval battles in WW2, which will hopefully make the overall game even more strategic.

Therefor, unlike in the original version, even small ships are going to have multiple different weapon systems and aren't only useful for just a single purpose. There will be no more light frigates that are unable to fight strikecraft and are only useful as counter to one or two other types of ships.
This will also influence the size and strengths of ships. A cruiser in "DoV" for example can be compared to a capital ship in the original game and all other ships will of course also be like their naval role model.
Among these are ship classes like missle corvettes, heavy corvettes, railgun corvettes, troop transporters, minelayer frigates, destroyers, light carriers, command cruisers, anti strikecraft cruisers, capital carriers, capital minelayers, battleships etc.
That being said, we get the impression that battles in "DoV" will have a more epic feeling about them and take more time to be resolved.

To give you a rough idea about what to expect from "DoV", fights in this mod will be similar to fights in Homeworld 2 or if you know the PDS Mod from HW2 then you might be in for an similar experience.

For example, take the soviet battleship in "DoV", it has about 50 weapons on board! Now that's what I'd call a battleship and don't assume that's where "DoV" stops. On the contrary, there are even going to be "super capitals" which will be a frightening sight on the battlefield carrying over 100 guns, cannons and turrets. I guess even space ponies would be impressed by this.
So are you already overwhelmed by all this? Well then i've got bad news for you, we aren't done yet.
"DoV" is going to replace "Antimatter" with "Power" and radically changes the way special abilities work. The change is not just a cosmetic one, it will have a huge effect on your ships. Power will be used to increase the rate of fire of your ships weapons or you can choose which of your weapons should fire in the case that you do not have enough power.
This is achived through a very creative use of the special abilities which are no longer just some super powers but instead act like real ship abilities giving you more control over your ships and their components, this means that you have a lot more tactical choices available.

Watch this short video to see what I just described:

Special abilities in "Dawn of Victory"


Besides the changes to ships in "DoV", there are also going to be big adjustments to economy and research. One aim is to allow more focus on battles while also making sure that your ecomical decisions play an important role to the overall game. Especially this area is still undergoing a lot of changes so there aren't more or detailled informations available (to the public) yet but one can be sure that the "DoV" team will have some nice things in place.

The Graphics

Till now I talked a lot about all those neat ideas and new features but in case you are rather interested in new designs and shiny ships, check these out:

Additional graphical improvements will cover weapon effects, planet textures (including new planet types) and special abilities.

The Future

"Dawn of Victory" is still in an early development stage but a huge part of the soviet and german ships are already done. Those two factions are also the ones that will be included in the first release of "DoV," although there is no release date yet. (The "DoV" team hopes to make some good progress during the summer.)
That's it for our first impression of this promising Mod to "Sins of a Solar Empre". We will keep you updated on progression of this mod, as well as present you with other great mods in the weeks and months to come.

Be sure to check out those links for more information covering the "Dawn of Victory" mod:

"Dawn of Victory" Website

"Dawn of Victory" Moddb.com entry (with a lot of screenshots)

"Dawn of Victory"-Thread in the official Sins Mod Forum

A huge thanks to "Swiss Knight", the leader of this fabulous mod project, who answered all my questions patiently and in great detail. :-)

- Leinad

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